It is vital for students to stay connected with all of the events and assignments required for each class. Students utilize the calendar tool to view events and due dates for a specific course or for all of their courses at one time. This tutorial demonstrates how to access, view, and utilize the calendar tool in MyFIRE. 


1.     Access the desired course in MyFIRE.

2.     On the course homepage, scroll down the page and locate the calendar tool on the right side of the page.

3.     Select the calendar title.

4.     When the page refreshes, the calendar will appear. Determine your desired calendar view by selecting either agenda, day, week, month, or list view.

a.     Agenda - This view highlights and lists the calendar events that are due within the next 14 days.

                                               i.     Change the heading of the events for your view by selecting either date, course, or category.

b.     Day - This view displays the calendar events that are scheduled for a single day.

c.     Week - This view displays the calendar events that are scheduled for a week.

d.     Month - This view displays the calendar events that are scheduled for the month.

e.     List - This view displays the upcoming calendar events in a list format that can be filtered by the type of event or activity.

                                               i.     If needing to filter your view of the listed calendar dates, select one of the available activity types: assignments, checklists, discussions, events, grades, materials, modules, quizzes, or surveys.

                                             ii.     To remove the filtered view, select clear all filters on the left.

5.     As the calendar view changes, the select date or date window will display above the events. Change the selected date or date window by selecting the left and right arrows.

6.     Once on your desired calendar view, select the event heading or colored event block to view the event details. If viewing the day, week, and month calendar views, a pop-up window will appear.

a.     If desiring to learn more about the event or activity, select more in the right bottom of the pop-up window.

7.     Search for a specific calendar or activity event by entering keywords in the search bar and selecting enter. Depending on your internet speed and the volume of results, the page may take a moment for the search results to appear on the screen under the list view.

8.     Quickly navigate to view a specific date’s events by selecting a date in the monthly calendar on the right side of the page. Each date with a blue dot under the number has calendar events or activities due on that date.

a.     Change the month by selecting the left and right arrows.

9.     Set reminder tasks for yourself by typing a reminder into the add a task field and selecting enter. Once a task has been added, it will appear below the tasks heading.

a.     Select the right arrow for a specific task to enter details.

b.     If desired, add a due date for yourself for the task by selecting the calendar icon. A pop-up calendar will appear to help you select a due date.

c.     Once a due date has been chosen, select the floppy disk icon to save the date.

d.     If needed, add notes for yourself in the task by typing in the add a note field.

e.     Once you have completed the task, select the checkbox to the left of the task title to complete the task.

f.      If needing to delete a saved task, select the trashcan icon to the right of the task. Once tasks are completed, you can still view the details by selecting view completed tasks.

10.  Select print at the top of the page to print a copy of the calendar events.

a.     A pop-up window will appear. Choose how much of the information to print by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes for the branding, event details, and page breaks options.

b.     If desiring to only print a specific date range of events, filter the event range by selecting the event range drop-down menu and choosing the desired filter. Options include: print all events, print events prior to, print events starting, and print events between.

                                               i.     Then enter the date for the specified date range.

                                             ii.     Select update preview to refresh the print preview.

c.     If needed, select the diagonal three-line icon in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window to expand the pop-up window.

d.     Once done selecting the calendar events, select print at the bottom of the pop-up window. The print preview for your device will open. This option will allow you to further adjust and select the desired print settings and desired printer.

e.     Select print once again when ready to print.

Updated by ID&T on 2/22/2024