Post & Reply to a Discussion Topic


Discussion topics allow students to post threads to class discussions and reply to fellow classmates within the course. This tutorial demonstrates how to post and reply to a discussion topic within MyFIRE.  

1.    Within the desired course, select content & assessments in the navigation bar.

2.    Locate the desired discussion from the specified module or submodule underneath the table of contents


3.    Select the discussion title on the content page. 


4.    When the page refreshes, select Start a New Thread, under the discussion prompt.

5.    The page will expand to allow you to create a thread. Enter a title in the subject field for your post. 


6.    Write your response to the prompt in the message fieldNote: For further instructions on how to utilize the MyFIRE editor textbox, please refer to the How to use the MyFIRE Editor tutorial.


a.    Tag other users in your message by typing an “@” symbol. Then start typing the other user’s name. Once you start typing the name, a drop-down menu will appear to select the name from the list. 


b.    If desiring to invite your classmates or instructor to an online meeting for assigned group work, select the quicklink icon in the MyFIRE textbox. 


                                               i.     A pop-up window will appear. Scroll down and select MS Teams Meeting to schedule and add a link to the online meeting. Microsoft Teams is apart of Office 365 which is available to all students and employees. Students must accept a licence to have access to Microsoft Teams. Students can request O365 access through the IT department.   

Note: Ensure that you are not selecting any other tools present within the Third Party quicklink list. 

                                              ii.     Once MS Teams is selected, a pop-up window will appear. Scroll down the page and select sign in


                                            iii.     A pop-up window requesting permissions will appear. Select accept. Note: this step will need to be completed once.


                                            iv.     Once the permissions window has closed, select create meeting link at the bottom of the first pop-up window. 


                                             v.     Name the meeting in the title field. The name of the meeting will become the title of the MS Teams meeting link once it is created. 


                                            vi.     Add the desired start and end dates and times for the meeting. Note: The drop-down start time is only listed in 30-minute increments. If starting an impromptu meeting, manually type the start time in the start time field.


                                           vii.     Select create.  


                                         viii.     The pop-up window will refresh to confirm that the meeting has been created. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up window and select meeting options


                                            ix.     A new browser tab will open. Set the desired meeting options


                                             x.     Then select save and close the browser tab. 

                                            xi.     Once the meeting options have been saved, select insert


                                           xii.     The pop-up window will close and the MS Teams meeting link will be entered in the MyFIRE editor textbox. Note: the MS Teams meeting link cannot be edited. 


                                         xiii.     Continue customizing the discussion thread as desired with the meeting date, time, and any additional details needed for the meeting. Then continue to step 7


7.    If desired, you may add additional attachments to your post by selecting add attachments.


8.    Once done editing your post, select Post at the bottom of the page.


9.    To reply to another students’ post, select the title of the desired thread


10. Then, select Reply to Thread to respond to a classmate.


11. Write the message you would like in the message field and then select Post


12. Your newly created reply will be visible under your classmate’s thread. 


After following these steps above, you will have successfully created a post or responded to another classmate’s discussion post.