Navigate a Course Homepage


When students first enter a course, the first page that appears is the course homepage. The course homepage is full of resources for students to be successful; therefore it is important for students to know what is available on the course homepage. This tutorial will demonstrate how to navigate a course homepage in MyFIRE.

1.    Access your course through the Course Selector (grid/waffle icon) at the top of the screen. 

a.    A drop-down menu will appear. Select your course from the list of available courses. 


2.    When the page refreshes, the course homepage will appear. At the top of the course homepage, the navigation bar will be expanded to include additional options. The navbar will include the Content & Assessments, Course Tools, Grades, and Need Help tabs. 


a.    Content & Assessments- This page will include all the course content, such as the syllabus, instructor contact information, reading materials, PowerPoint, video resources, learning activities, assessments (such as assignments, discussions, quizzes, surveys, self-assessments, and checklists), and much more. The type of content and assessments that are available in your course will depend on the type of course you are taking and/or your instructor’s discretion. 

b.    Course Tools - This tab will include quick links to various tools and features available in your course. The options include: Attendance, Calendar, Classlist, Class Progress, Groups, Surveys, MyFIRE LIVE (Zoom), Virtual Classroom, ePortfolio, and Turnitin Feedback. 

                                               i.     Attendance- If your instructor utilizes the MyFIRE attendance tool, you will be able to see or view your recorded attendance under this tab.

                                              ii.     Calendar- This tool will allow you to stay up-to-date with all of the events and assignments required for your course. 

                                            iii.     Classlist- This area will allow you to view and contact the other students in your course, as well as your instructor. 

                                            iv.     Class Progress- This tool will allow you to get a quick in-depth look at a summary of your actions, class records, coursework, and progress within the course. 

                                             v.     Groups- If your course utilizes group work, you will be able to view your assigned groups from this page. 

                                            vi.     Surveys- This page will allow you to view and access all of the surveys that are available in the course. At minimum, courses will include the Student Acknowledgement and Attendance Confirmation survey and the Course Evaluation survey. For these surveys, it is recommended to complete the surveys from the Content page of the course. 

                                           vii.     MyFIRE LIVE- This tool will allow you to locate any Zoom meetings that are scheduled by your instructor. Note: Scheduled meetings can also be accessed through the Calendar tool and schedule listed on the Content & Assessment page. Recordings of past meetings will be uploaded by your instructor either to the course content or to an announcement. 

                                         viii.     Virtual Classroom- This tool will allow you to locate any future, ongoing, or past (if available) virtual classroom meetings that are scheduled by your professor.

                                            ix.     ePortfolio- This tool will allow you to have a place where you can store, organize, reflect on, and share items, including documents, graphics, audio files, videos, presentations, coursework, etc., that demonstrate your learning experience. You decide what items you want to include in your ePortfolio, how you want to organize them, and who you want to share them with. 

                                             x.     Turnitin Feedback- This tool allows you to quickly locate and review the feedback your professors have left on your assignment submissions. Note: Only the feedback left in Turnitin will be on this page. To view additional feedback from your instructor, ID&T recommends viewing the gradebook and your class progress page. 

c.     Grades- This area will allow you to track your scores on individual assessments, as well as your total grade for the course. 

d.    Need Help?- This area will allow you to run a system check, reach out for MyFIRE support, and access multiple academic resources, including the Pulse app. The resources include: 

                                               i.     System Check- This page will allow you to complete a system check for your browser compatibility with MyFIRE. If you are experiencing issues, visit the system check page to see if your browser passes the system check. If it does pass, a checkmark will appear next to each item checked and will state “All checks passed” at the top of the page.  

                                              ii.     MyFIRE Support - Visit this page if you need additional MyFIRE technical assistance and support. This page will include contact information to our 24/7 support center.

                                            iii.     Smarthinking Tutoring - This page will provide a tutorial on how to locate and access the free online tutoring that is available for all students through Smarthinking. Students can schedule a session in advance, start a session immediately, or submit a paper for review. 

                                            iv.     Technical Requirements - This page highlights SEU’s technical requirements that are vital to have an optimal user experience within MyFIRE. 

                                             v.     Pulse App- This page will direct you to the mobile app that is available to students to view content and stay up-to-date with courses on the go. 

                                            vi.     SEU Library- This page will navigate directly to SEU’s Steelman Library. Note: If you are a CC+ student, you will be able to view an infographic of all of the available tools and resources available in the course navigation bar. 


3.    Next, hover over the available flip tiles to access reminders, tutorials, and resources that are available to you as a student. The flip titles could include a reminder about completing the Student Acknowledgement & Attendance Confirmation survey, tutorials on how to contact your professor, access the course syllabus, or how to view your class progress, and links to SEU’s academic services. Be sure to fully read the back of the flip tiles as they include important information for your success.  Note: The information provided in the flip tiles will be based on the type of course that you are taking.


4.    After the flip tiles, access and view the announcements. These announcements will be from your professor. Ensure that you read each announcement and regularly check the announcements area for any new announcements from your professor. You may also opt to receive additional notifications via email or texts when announcements are posted in your course by enabling instant notifications on your account. For further instructions, refer to the how to manage notifications tutorial.  


5.    On the right side of the page, to help you complete your coursework, access SEU’s Steelman Library by selecting the black pictureNote: Not all courses will have the library listed on the course homepage. If your course does not have the library listed, access the library from your user homepage. Refer to the navigate the user homepage tutorial for further instructions. 


6.    Additionally, on the right side of the page, get a quick glance of upcoming events by selecting the arrows and access the course calendar by selecting the calendar title. Refer to the how to utilize the calendar tutorial if needing additional directions. 


7.    Quickly access and purchase the required course materials, such as textbooks, from the SEU Bookstore by selecting the bookshelf pictureNote: Not all courses will have the bookstore listed on the course homepage. If your course does not have the bookstore listed, access the bookstore from your user homepage. Refer to the navigate the user homepage tutorial for further instructions. 


8.    If you are needing technical assistance with MyFIRE, select “Find Answers Here” to access support via Chat or phone by calling 1-888-889-6599. SEU’s Support Center is available 24/7, including holidays and weekends. If you are an international student, it is recommended that you utilize the Chat feature to contact the support center. 


9.    Connect and check your SEU emails directly in MyFIRE by selecting link to your Google Workspace account. If needing assistance, refer to the how to link your SEU email account to MyFIRE tutorial.