The homepage is the first page that is visible to the user after logging in to MyFIRE, and will provide pathways for students to access courses and various resources to support your academic journey. This tutorial demonstrates how students will navigate the student homepage in MyFIRE. Step 1. Once you are logged into MyFIRE, your user homepage will appear. Step 2. At the top of the page will be a scrolling banner with images of SEU. These images will rotate automatically. Step 3. Scrolling past the banner, you may or may not see SEU Announcements on the homepage. These announcements on the homepage are from the Instructional Design & Technology department (the MyFIRE team), and they include information regarding the MyFIRE learning environment.
A. If an announcement is present, please ensure that you read the announcement carefully as you may be impacted. B. These announcements will only appear when necessary. Step 4. Next, review the MyFIRE support and training resources available to you: A. MyFIRE Support - If you are experiencing difficulty in MyFIRE or have questions, you can contact our support team through one of the methods below. SEU’s Support Center is available 24/7/365 days a year. i. Call our Support Center at 1-888-889-6599. ii. Start a LiveChat session with one of our support agents by selecting the LiveChat button. iii. Note: If you are located outside of the United States, please open a chat ticket to connect with a support agent.
1. A pop-up window will appear. Fill out your information in the prompts and add a description of your question or issue that you are experiencing. Note: If you are an international student, please inform the support agent that you are located internationally. 2. Select submit at the bottom of the pop-up window.
B. MyFIRE Training - If you have questions about how the MyFIRE system works or would like to know how to complete steps on the various functions in MyFIRE, select the MyFIRE Student Resources course link to access tutorials on-demand. i. If you have been approved as a TA or GA and have been granted access to assist a professor in a MyFIRE course, select either Editing TA or Non-Editing TA link below. 1. Choose the Non-Editing TA link if you are a TA in an ON, OL, or DO section. ii. If you have a question about the training material or need access to the MyFIRE Student Resource course, email C. MyFIRE Updates - The MyFIRE system is updated monthly. If you would like to keep up-to-date with the latest changes that apply to students, select the students link. i. If you have been approved as a TA or GA and have been granted access to assist a professor in a MyFIRE course, select the Editing TA or Non-Editing TA links to access either the Editing TA and/or the Non-Editing TA updates.
Note: Students must be enrolled in the TA training courses to have access to the TA updates. Step 5. To navigate to your courses, there are two navigation options: A. Option 1: Select the Course Selector (waffle icon) icon at the top of your homepage. i. Once selected, a drop-down menu will appear showing all of the courses that are available to you. ii. Select the course title to navigate to the course homepage. B. Option 2: Locate the My Courses area below the MyFIRE Support, Training, and Updates area. Each course that you are registered for will appear in this area.
C. The course name and code will be listed under the corresponding picture. D. Select the desired course to access the course home page by selecting the course title or picture. Note: If directions are needed or to navigate a course homepage, view the How to Navigate a Course Homepage tutorial. i. Additionally, users can organize or customize the view of your courses by pinning preferred courses for quick access. For directions, view the How to Pin Courses tutorial. Step 6. If you are unable to locate the desired course, select View All Courses link at the bottom of the My Courses area.
i. Once the View All Courses option is selected, there are a couple of search options: 1. Enter the course name or code in the search bar at the top of the page that says “Find a course.” A. If needed, choose to Filter or Sort the search results. B. Filter option - Once selected, add the desired filters to narrow your course search by Semester, Department, or Roles.
C. Sort option - Once selected, sort the course search by selecting Course Name, Course Code, Date Pinned, Last Accessed, or Enrollment Date. ii. When finished with the search, select the ‘X’ icon in the top right corner of the screen to navigate back to the user homepage.
Step 7. Below the My Courses section, there are multiple resources available to you: A. SmartThinking - This is a free online tutoring service available to all SEU students. Smarthinking offers on-demand, individualized instruction, and support from expert online tutors. When ready to start a tutoring session, select the teal Smarthinking picture. Note: Each SEU student has an allotted number of tutoring hours.
i. To view an introduction video about Smarthinking or access Smarthinking tutorials, select any part of the white area of the tile. The tile will flip to show the available information. 1. Select the play button to view the Smarthinking introduction video.
2. Select the Smarthinking Student Tutorials link to view the available tutorials. 3. Select any part of the white area of the tile to flip the tile back to the front view if needed. B. Steelman Library - The SEU’s Steelman Library portal allows you to gain access to libguides, databases, and a myriad of resources that you may need for your coursework. Once ready to access the library, select the black library picture in the middle of the tile.
i. If you have questions about Library resources or the Library site, select any part of the white area of the tile to flip the tile. ii. Then select Ask a Librarian.
iii. Select any part of the white area of the tile to flip the tile back to the front view if needed. C. SEU Bookstore - To access the SEU Bookstore, select the bookstore picture on the tile. By accessing the bookstore, you can view the textbooks that are required for your courses (even before you gain access to your courses).
i. To access the SEU Bookstore FAQ or navigate to the Bookstore website, select any part of the white area of the tile to flip the tile. ii. Then select the Need Help Purchasing Your Course Textbooks link or the SEU Bookstore link as desired.
iii. Select any part of the white area of the tile to flip the tile back to the front view if needed. D. Helpful Resources - To view and access various resources and departments at SEU, select the Helpful Resources picture. i. Once the tile flips, select the desired link from the available quick links, publisher status sites, contacts list, and available software that you would like to learn more about or contact.
ii. Select any part of the white area of the tile to flip the tile back to the front view if needed. Step 8. Scrolling down the page, a few of SEU’s social media accounts will appear for your perusal.
A. If desired, use the scroll bars to scroll down the social media feeds to view an expanded version of the feed. Step 9. 
At the very top right of the homepage, you will have some additional communication and notification options available to you. For each alert option, if there is an orange dot at the top of the icon, that means there is a new notification waiting for your review. Alerts will be available for 90 days. A. Message Alerts (envelope icon) - Select the message alerts icon to instant message or email one of your professors or classmates from the homepage. Note: If needing directions on how to instant message or email within MyFIRE, view the How to Instant Message and How to Email tutorials. B. Subscription Alerts (chat icon) - Subscription alerts allow you to receive notifications on any discussion forum or ePortfolio items that you have subscribed to within MyFIRE.
C. Updates Alerts (bell icon) - The update alerts allow you to receive notifications that pertain to your course(s). For example, each time your professor posts an announcement in the course or posts a grade for an assessment, you will be notified of the change within the Updates alert section. Step 10. Once ready to log out of your MyFIRE account, select your name in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. A. A drop-down menu will appear. Select log out.