Contact Your Instructor & Classmates


Communicating with instructors and fellow classmates is simple in MyFIRE. The main form of directly communicating with your instructor is through the email feature. This tutorial demonstrates how to contact your instructors and classmates in MyFIRE. 

1.    Within a course in MyFIRE, select the course tools tab at the top of the page in the navigation bar.  


2.    A drop-down menu will appear. Select classlist


3.    When the page refreshes, a list of users will be displayed. To locate which user is your instructor, under the Role column, locate the Instructor role. Fellow students will be listed as Student (Access) in the role column. 



4.    To view which users are currently online, look for a green dot to the right of the user’s name. 


5.    To contact the instructor or fellow classmates, select the checkbox(es) beside the names of the individuals you would like to contact. 


6.    Then select the email option above the classlist.


7.    A pop-up screen will appear showing an email template. The user(s) that you selected will automatically appear in the “bcc” field. If needed, you can move the contact from the Bcc field to the “To” field by retyping the user’s email address in the “To” field. 


a.    If choosing to move the email address(es) to the “To” field, remove the original email address(es) from the Bcc field by selecting the “X” icon to the right of the email address. 


8.    Within the subject of the email, the course title will automatically be added. It is recommended to keep the title in the subject line to help you and the receiver identify which course you are referencing easier. If desired, add additional information in the subject line after the right carrot icon. 


9.    Next, enter your message in the body of the email. 

Note: For further instructions on how to utilize the MyFIRE editor textbox, please refer to the how to utilize the MyFIRE Editor tutorial.


a.    If desiring to invite your classmates or instructor to an online meeting, select the quicklink icon in the MyFIRE textbox. 


b.    A pop-up window will appear. Scroll down and select MS Teams Meeting to schedule and add a link to the online meeting. Microsoft Teams is apart of Office 365 which is available to all students and employees. Students must accept a licence to have access to Microsoft Teams. Students can request O365 access through the IT department. Note: Ensure that you are not selecting any other tools present within the Third Party quicklink list.


                                               i.     Once MS Teams is selected, a pop-up window will appear. Scroll down the window and select sign in

                                              ii.     A pop-up window requesting permissions will appear. Select accept. Note: this step will need to be completed once.

                                            iii.     Once the permissions window has closed, select create meeting link at the bottom of the first pop-up window. 

                                            iv.     Name the meeting in the title field. The name of the meeting will become the title of the MS Teams meeting link once it is created. Note: the MS Teams meeting link cannot be edited once it is created.

                                             v.     Add the desired start and end dates and times for the meeting. Note: The drop-down start time is only listed in 30-minute increments. If starting an impromptu meeting, manually type the start time in the start time field.


                                            vi.     Select create.  


                                           vii.     The pop-up window will refresh to confirm that the meeting has been created. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up window and select meeting options


                                         viii.     A new browser tab will open. Set the desired meeting options. 


                                            ix.     Then select save and close the browser tab. 

                                             x.     Once the meeting options have been saved, select insert


                                            xi.     The pop-up window will close and the MS Teams meeting link will be entered in the MyFIRE editor textbox. Note: the MS Teams meeting link cannot be edited. 


                                           xii.     Continue customizing the email as desired with the meeting date, time, and any additional details needed for the meeting. Then continue to step 10


10. If desired, attach a file, record a video or audio message, or attach an item from your ePortfolio account or pre-recorded video note messages by selecting the desired option under the Attachments sections.

a.    Upload- This option will allow you to upload a file from your computer. 

b.    Record- This option will allow you to record up to a 30-minute video message or a 1-minute audio message directly within MyFIRE. Note: If needed, refer to the ‘How to record a Video Note’ tutorial. 

c.     Choose Existing- This option will allow you to attach an item from your MyFIRE ePortfolio account or from your MyFIRE video note messages that are already recorded. 

11. When you are finished composing your message, scroll to the bottom of the page and select send.  

Note: When the email is sent to the instructor or classmate(s), they will receive the email within their SEU email account within Gmail.