Create a Multiple Choice Question


There are many different types of questions that can be created within a quiz, self-assessment, survey, and question library. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a multiple choice question within MyFIRE.

1.    Locate the desired course in MyFIRE.

2.    Select instructor tools from the navigation bar. 


3.    Then select course admin from the drop-down menu.


4.    Locate and select quizzes from under the Assessment section. 


5.    When the page refreshes, select question library from the quiz navigation bar. 


6.    Once in the Question Library, select new.


7.    Next, select the multiple choice question from the drop-down menu.


8.    When the page reloads, enter the prompt in the question text field. For further instructions on the MyFIRE editor textbox, refer to the utilize the MyFIRE editor tutorial.


9.    Type each answer option and check the circle for the correct answer


10. Select add answer to add additional answer options.


11. Select the randomize answers order checkbox if the questions should be randomized for each student. 

12. Give the question a point value.


13. Add the desired options to the question. The options drop-down menu allows you to add feedback, add a hint, add a short description, add custom weights, and change the enumeration if desired. 


a.    Add Feedback- Instructors can provide general feedback or commentary for students per answer choice. This feedback will be provided to all students. 

b.    Add Hint- This option allows instructors to provide hints for their students during the quiz attempt. 

                                               i.     Using the MyFIRE editor, instructors can also insert videos and format the hints as desired. For further instructions on the MyFIRE editor textbox, refer to the utilize the MyFIRE editor tutorial.

c.     Add Short Description- Instructors can provide a brief explanation or summary for each question.


d.    Add Custom Weights- For multiple select questions, instructors can determine and manually enter the desired weight for each answer choice. This option allows instructors to give full credit for the correct answer choice and still give partial credit for designated answer choices. Note: At least one answer choice should equal 100% to be counted as correct. 


e.    Add Enumeration- This option allows instructors to change the enumeration pattern for each answer selection to either show numbers, letters, or roman numerals.


14. Select save